Army of Alabama

II Corp

"Light Fighters"

LtGen  Dale Carpiaux Commanding

II Corp Roster

                           1st Inf Div "Fianna"                                 MajGen Adam Wadding 

1st    "Fisher's"                            FldLt Lew Fisher                  

2nd   "Kibbey's"                          BrigGen Mark Kibby          

3rd                  Vacant                                                          

4th   "Luerding's"                         Maj Gen John Luerding      


                               2nd Inf Div "Bama Slammers"                                Col Alan Lynn

1st    "Dawson's"                             Col. Peter Dawson          
2nd   "English Guard"                       Col Glynn Hargraeves     
3rd                     Vacant                                                         
4th    "Chosen Men"                         Col Jim Hall                    


                         3rd Cav Division "1st Florida Cav"                                   LtCol Aaron Burr  

1st    "Jenkins"                                  MajGen Gareth Jenkins    
2nd   "Arkanasa Mtd. Rifles"             FldLt Kerry Vannada       
3rd                       Vacant                                                          
4th                        Vacant                                                         


                     4th Art Div "Black Cats"                                 BrigGen Rich Carollo          

1st    "Volontari di piemonte"              Col Fausto Rolland         
2nd   "Burs"                                       Maj Tom Phillips            
3rd                          Vacant                                                      
4th                          Vacant                                                     

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